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I Am Not A Syndrome - My Name Is Simon

RRP $37.99

The medicalcommunity said that Simon was "incompatible with life" but the Crosier family refused to accept that diagnosis. "I Am Not a Syndrome - MyName is Simon" is the moving and gripping story of a baby diagnosed withTrisomy 18, a genetic disorder in which a person has a third copy of materialfrom chromosome 18. Produced byindependent book publisher All Star Press, "I Am Not a Syndrome - My Nameis Simon" details the struggle of Sheryl's son Simon from the early stagesof pregnancy to his life here on earth.

During thisdifficult time, Sheryl confronts a sometimes difficult andindifferent medical system to advocate on Simon's behalf. This is a trulyinspirational story with a strong pro-life message.

"I longed totell Simon s story of hope, faith, love and the peace which God grantedme," explained Sheryl. "I write this book to demonstrate thatour children are not a label and are not defects! They have a name andidentity. They are children of God."

Born on September7, 2010, in St. Louis, Missouri, Simon Dominic Crosier was diagnosed withTrisomy 18 and lived for three memorable months. Despite his disabilities, Simon had a huge impact on all who came into contact with him. The book isabout Simon s short and meaningful life, his family and his wonderfulcaregivers. "I Am Not a Syndrome - My Name is Simon" documents thefamily s battle to advocate for their precious son against an oftentimesindifferent and callous medical community.

"Strugglingwith the fragility of Simon s life was one thing. However, struggling with thepopular pragmatic culture that measures human life in terms of dollars ratherthan dignity, is quite another. Yet, all along the way, again and again, Sheryland Scott discovered and were made disciples of 'Life.' This story celebratesboth the pain and the joy of love!" stated Rev. Robert J. Hermann, BishopEmeritus in Residence, St. Louis Archdiocese of St. Louis.

The Crosierfamily had to overcome challenges put in their way by medical professionals andeven extended family members who never valued Simon s fragile existence the waythey did. Author Sheryl Crosier's hope is that this story will help motivatehealth-care professionals and anyone else that reads this account. The lives ofchildren, regardless of their diagnosis, possess inherent dignity and value, and they deserve the best care our advanced country has to offer.

"Numeroustimes I would say to medical professionals," explained Sheryl. That wewant Simon, special needs and all. But then we would hear callus responses suchas 'incompatible with life' and 'failure to thrive' and 'not for Simon.'"

"I Am Not aSyndrome - My Name is Simon" is now available from publisher All StarPress - Books that Change Lives.

A portionof proceeds from every sale of this book will go to SOFT, Support Organizationfor Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders.


"Be preparedfor smiles, laughter and tears. This is a book well written by an amazingtrisomy Mom!"
Executivedirector Trisomy Advocacy Group

"SherylCrosier s memoir, I m Not A Syndrome - My Name is Simon, of her journey duringher pregnancy and her infant son Simon s short but important life, is a storyof the heart and spirit. It is also a story of the head that explores thecapabilities and constraints of modern medicine and policy, parental rights andethical decision making."
Pamela Healey, Ph.D. mother to Conor, Trisomy 18.

"This bookis a love story shared by a family who believes that every life has purpose andworth."
Ann Barnes, RNand mother of Megan (1985-2004) born with Trisomy 18.
Co-author ofCare of the Infant and Child with Trisomy 18 or 13 (2011)"

An A-z Of Baby Names

RRP $15.95

Compiled by Patrick Hanks, one of the world's leading authorities on names and naming, this new edition of An A-Z of Baby Names (previously Babies' Names) provides all the help you'll need to find the right name for your newborn.

Here are over 2,500 names in common use in the English-speaking world--ranging from traditional names from Katherine and Michael to Jane and William, to more recent coinages such as Bryn or Chelsea. Readers will find inspiration from plants ("Azalea," "Olive"), from precious stones ("Amber," "Ruby"), from mythological gods and goddesses ("Irene," "Iris"), from the Bible ("Aaron," "Adam," "Miriam," "Naomi"), and much more. Each entry includes the origins and history of the name and, when possible, notable bearers of the name in life and in literature.

The book is also filled with curious facts and interesting tales. We learn that "Casey" comes from folk hero Casey Jones, who acquired the nickname from his birthplace, Cayce, Kentucky. "Brock" was originally a nickname for someone resembling a badger. And "Rose" probably doesn't derive from the flower, but from Germanic words for either "horse" (Hros) or "fame" (hrod).

This reissue includes essential updates as well as a helpful article on how to find the right name or to create your own. In addition, an appendix includes thematic indexes for many name categories such as Biblical names, names from television and films, names from literature and popular culture, pet forms and nicknames, as well as a list of the most popular names by year and by region.

About the Author

Patrick Hanks has been a lexicographer and linguistic researcher for almost three decades. He was Chief Editor for Current English Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, and is now a professor at the University of the West of England in Bristol. His books include Dictionary of American FamilyNames: 3-Volume Set.

And The Baby's Name Is...

RRP $37.99

And The Baby's Name Is... is a book that every family and household should have. This book sheds light on the connection between the name given to a child and the destiny of that child. Unknown to many, along with every name comes a calling. The average name is called or pronounced hundreds of times a day. And because of the power of the tongue, that child is being prophesied to each time the name is called. As kids, we used to say that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." However, as we grow older, we realize that this saying is very far from the truth. So God's Word is true; The power of life and death is in the tongue. Therefore, the choice of names for our children may impact their journey in life more than we can imagine! In today's society, choosing a child's name has become as simple as taking polls from friends and associates, or merging portions of two names. In fact, some parents would just give a child a name simply because it sounds cute! Sadly, many children (and parents alike) do not even know the meaning of their names. And The Baby's Name Is.. enlightens one on how to carefully and diligently handle the task of selecting a child's name. A name is powerful. A good and godly name is even more powerful. May the Lord bless you and grant you godly counsel as you read. Samuel Jonathan

Let's Sign, Baby!

RRP $24.99

Is your baby hungry or tired? Does she have a tummy ache or does he just need a diaper change? It's easy to know when you and your baby learn to sign together.
Studies show that babies who sign develop increased vocabularies, experience less frustration, and begin to speak earlier. These short stories, playful pictures, and clear instructions are practical for parents and fun for older siblings. Let's Sign is designed to help you more fully enjoy mealtime, playtime, bedtime, and other daily activities with the baby in your life.

A Boy Named Pluto - Black/white

RRP $16.99

A Boy Named Pluto is an entertaining, yet educational book about the solar system that integrates multiple levels of analogy and parallel references in telling the story about Pluto being reclassified as a dwarf planet. On the surface, the book tells how a group of human-like friends rally around one of their own in an attempt to save him from an undesirable situation. The touching and heartfelt analogy presents to readers the struggle children have in desiring to be socially accepted. Below the surface, the readers are exposed to a correlating story about the solar system, teaching children and adults a variety of factual information about planets, heavenly bodies, and space. The creative blending of these approaches is a key attribute of the book.The authors artistically tell a story about Pluto and the planets as if they are humans living in a neighborhood together. When they hear the news that Pluto will no longer be a planet, the group collectively attempts to get the decision reversed so that Pluto can remain like them. They join together in a quest to appeal the decision in court.The story is full of fact-based references that subtly teach the reader about the solar system, such as the example of Vinny (aka Venus, the brightest planet in the sky) being described in the book as the brightest intellectually of the group. Ursula (Uranus) states in the book "my mind is spinning in different directions", representing the planet Uranus unusual rotation of spinning top-to-bottom instead of side-to-side. The book includes a reference section that identifies each of the facts/reference information cleverly cited throughout the human-like story to enable readers to cross reference and uncover the interesting relationships between the characters and their planet counterparts. A Boy Named Pluto is an innovative and creative book that is an excellent educational tool for youngsters to learn about space and science using real-life correlations for exceptional memory retention. At the same time, the book presents a feel-good, happy-ending story about helping others in need. Readers of all ages, regardless of their curiosity about science, will find the book interesting and entertaining.


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